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How to Negotiate: 7 Clever Home Buying Negotiation Tactics

May 18, 2012

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Getting the house you want at the price you want can be tricky – even in a buyer’s market. Sometimes a home seller just isn’t willing to budge on price. Don’t despair! There are other ways to sweeten the deal and drive it to close in a buyer’s market. Here are seven negotiating tips for […]

Is it Worth Paying Points On a Mortgage?

October 19, 2011

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When financing a home purchase or refinancing a current home, you have to make a number of decisions. You will have to choose from among a half dozen different mortgage types available to you. Regardless of which type of mortgage you choose, you’ll be faced with another question: should I pay points? Points, or discount […]

What is Happening to Mortgage Interest Rates?

August 11, 2011

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Most people assume that mortgage interest rates move in relation to the interest rate set by the Federal Reserve. So how can mortgage interest rates go up when the Federal Reserve rates are holding steady or going down? What is happening to mortgage interest rates now? As it turns out, the Federal Reserve and mortgage […]

Home Buying Tips: Negotiating House Price

July 4, 2011

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Nervous about negotiating the best house price in this crazy economy? We don’t blame you. When it comes to buying a home, negotiation can mean the difference between a few thousand dollars and tens of thousands of dollars. Negotiating a home selling contract in this current real estate market is also financially tricky. This is […]