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What’s Happening to Homes For Sale in Florida’s Gulf Coast?

June 18, 2011

in Regional Real Estate Tips

photo credit: John Loo What is happening to real estate in Gulf Coast Mississippi? First came the hurricanes, then came the oil spills. What’s next for Florida’s Gulf Coast and Mississippi Gulf Coast waterfront real estate? Could good news possibly be around the corner for home sellers or homebuyers? Not likely, as far as homeowners […]

How to Buy Real Estate in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia

April 13, 2011

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For history buffs and architectural connoisseurs, Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is an attractive destination for owning property as well as retiring. There are just two hurdles. Nothing is ever on sale. And, if by a quirk of luck a home makes its way into the market, it always comes with an eye-popping price sticker. The […]