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Design Tips for Your Children’s Playroom

April 25, 2014

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Designing a playroom can be fun and creative, for both parents and childrenWhen designing a playroom for your children, there are some key factors to consider. This is a room where your children will learn, grow and flourish both physically and socially. It’s important to craft an inspirational, fun and safe environment. Combine these elements to create a playful, carefree environment in your home.

Color & Theme

Consider your child’s personality and preferences – and embrace them! Use vivid and bold colors such as red, blue, green, pink or yellow. Use them as your primary wall color, or go with a more neutral shade and accent with these hues. Consider decorative wallpapers as another option, displaying numbers, letters or other child-friendly patterns.

Themed playrooms are another popular option. This is where you really need to unleash your imagination. Consider a sports theme or even a Western ­or race car theme. Choose a garden or princess theme, or consider replicating a favorite fairy tale. Have murals painted on the walls or purchase themed decals that can be easily changed or removed.

Safety First

Creating a safe environment for your children is a top priority. Keep electrical sockets covered and consider using curtains as opposed to blinds. The loosely hanging strings on blinds can present a strangulation hazard if not properly secured. Choose age-appropriate toys and furnishing to help prevent accidents.

Organizing Tips

Don’t let the playroom overwhelm you. Strategize in advance how to store books, toys and art supplies in order to avoid unwanted chaos. Keeping it organized not only helps maintain your sanity, but also creates a more enjoyable experience for your child.

One option is to separate the playroom into sections, each with a designated purpose. There might be a section for making art with an easel or table and chairs. A comfy seating area gives your child a place to enjoy books and quiet time. And a carpeted, open area makes it easy to play with toys or make up imaginative games.

Colorful baskets, buckets or labeled plastic bins in varying sizes make wonderful storage options. They are also a great way for your children to learn their colors and necessary sorting skills.

Shelving or cubbies in assorted sizes are a must. They are great for storing just about anything. Keep items such as plush animals, books and puzzles organized loosely on a shelf, or neatly stack your bins and baskets to hold things like toy cars, Legos, play dough and art supplies. Keeping storage bins organized will help your child remember where things go, making cleanup easier.

For oversized items, large toy boxes work great and keep floor space free. Consider hanging organizers with individual sleeves for items such as CDs or card games that require added protection.

Have fun with your playroom design. Use your creativity to fashion a captivating environment that inspires your children to have fun while learning.

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