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Nursery Décor: A New Parent’s Guide

April 3, 2015

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There are many things to consider when planning your child’s nursery. There’s a wave of excitement to tap into when designing a room that will be your baby’s. Naturally, it should welcome them to your home and be a cute, cozy and comfortable environment.

There’s no shortage of themes to choose from, but function, safety, and organization should also be top priorities. Cost should not be discounted, and is often a sensitive topic requiring additional planning.

Most importantly, follow your instincts when creating the ideal nursery for both you and your baby.

Choose Your Color and Theme

nursery decor - a new parent's guideThis task can prove quite challenging as there are an overwhelming number of options to choose from. Choices include classic Disney, popular cartoon character or timeless fairytale themes. Or go with a more nature-inspired theme like floral and gardens, rustic woodland animals, or a vibrant jungle or safari inspired design.

Forget the theme altogether and consider a shabby chic look, or keep it simple and plan your décor around your favorite color palette, then add a few splashes of baby-inspired décor.

Ponder over whether you want a gender-specific or a gender-neutral color scheme. Gender-neutral décor, such as shades of golds, yellows, browns, greens or greys, can offer cost savings when planning for more than one child.

Once your theme is established, add splashes of complimentary décor. Decorate the walls with painted murals, letters and inspirational phrases, or consider oversized decals that are both easy to install and remove. Add an accent lamp or throw rug and consider functional items such as decorative book ends and stacked boxes or baskets that both look cute and serve as additional storage.

Nursery Essentials

There are a few “must-haves” that should be incorporated into all nurseries – the crib being the most obvious. Do your research and select one that is both safe and comfortable for your baby, bearing in mind the amount of time they will spend using it. Consider versatility as well, as many crib selections can convert into toddler beds, offering a huge cost savings.

A changing table is another essential. Shop for one that is both sturdy and safe. For example, protective rails or straps are great for added safety and security. It should offer adequate storage for important items such as diapers, ointments, heated wipes and lotions, and also be versatile so that it can grow with your child’s needs. Some tables will act as a future dresser or housing for toys, books or plush animals.

An oversized chair or rocker should also be counted into your nursery design. Countless hours will undoubtedly be spent rocking, reading and feeding your baby, so be wise and select something sturdy and comfortable.

Remember Safety and Function

In addition to creating something visually appealing and comfortable, safety and function are critical considerations when planning a nursery. Add a baby monitor or camera in order to keep a watchful eye and ear when you are not close by.

Be sure to keep all electrical sockets covered, and also remember to secure loose strings from window coverings or blinds. Ensure all furniture is secure and presents no tipping hazard. Adding a night light can be calming for the baby, and also presents a safer environment for parents doing late night check-ins.

A minimalistic approach to décor is less chaotic and safer as well. Keep all baby necessities organized and at hand, helping ensure baby is never unattended. Utilize baskets and other decorative containers. Also take advantage of vertical space and consider various shelving options.

Consider adding the soothing sounds of music or calming scents, such as lavender, to induce a natural tranquil effect and establish a comfortable and reassuring environment for your baby.

There are many things to consider when furnishing a nursery for your baby. Be sure to tap into your imagination and intuition as you craft a safe, functional environment that is visually appealing and comforting to both baby and parent.


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