Should You Skip the Home Inspection for a Better Deal?

April 11, 2014

When real estate markets are moving quickly, sellers sometimes become uncompromising. Why make concessions if your home is leading the neighborhood’s Ms. Popularity contest? This may lead buyers, caught in the frenzy of a bidding war, to become reckless, yielding one of the most important aspects of the purchase process

Buy a Fixer With an FHA Loan

April 4, 2014

Most real estate agents have tales of clients who just can’t seem to look beyond a home’s minor flaws, be they ratty floors or sagging screens. Then, there are those clients who can envision the possibilities of a house that’s seemingly being held up by a prayer.

Creating a Garden Your Kids Will Love

March 28, 2014

Gardens don’t have to be off-limits to children. In fact, creating a designated garden area for your kids can provide hours of fun as well as opportunities for learning. Here are some tips for creating a garden space that works for children and grown-ups alike.

How to Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Like Feel

March 21, 2014

Nothing epitomizes pure relaxation more than the serenity and ambiance of a spa setting. The smells and sounds alone are enough to immediately calm the body and soul. Unfortunately, enjoying these luxuries isn’t exactly a common occurrence. However, below are some great tips to help you modify your bathroom for a personal spa experience.