3 Tips for Moving With Kids

July 18, 2014

If ogres are like onions, so is moving. As Shrek says, “They both have layers.” Moving is complex. Add a layer of children and it becomes even more challenging. Some of their anxieties and fears over relocating may seem petty to adults, but they are nevertheless real.

Does a Hot Tub Increase Home Value?

July 11, 2014

It’s considered something of a luxury, and there’s little wonder why: Hot tubs aren’t exactly cheap. Depending on the size and other details, it may cost well over $1,500 for the tub alone (some outdoor, in-ground models can run $20,000). Then there’s electricity and other needs, not to mention

Are You Ready to Move Up?

July 4, 2014

Houses are a little like the clothes you buy your kids – they get outgrown. It doesn’t happen quite as frequently as your child needs new shoes, but at some point, the house you bought pre-family won’t fit anymore, and you may start entertaining thoughts of moving up.

Designing Backyard Shade Structures

June 27, 2014

In the midst of summer’s sweltering heat, nothing provides relief like having a shady spot for relaxing. Backyard shade structures also help keep your outdoor furniture from fading. If you want to add a shade structure to your yard, explore the variety of options available and customize the design based on your needs.