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Design a Family Room That Fits the Entire Family

June 19, 2015

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A family room is exactly what it’s named: A room in your home the entire family can enjoy. The devotion to family time must be considered when designing and decorating this space. With this in mind, also consider how the decor of the rest of your home fits with your personal taste and style, and the ambiance will flow throughout the rooms.

Plan a family room that everyone is sure to love and enjoy together, and it may become your favorite room in the home. Here are some ideas to get you there.

Use Color to Your Advantage

How to design a family room right for the whole familySeveral social and health benefits can be derived from utilizing different color palettes in your home. Consider the personalities of your family members, and use color to your advantage to serve the purpose you seek.

Warmer colors and earthy tones such as shades of red, gold or brown fare well with more socially energetic types and make great options for stimulating conversation.

Consider cool shades of blues or greens if you desire a calm, relaxed environment that also appeals to more reserved, introverted personalities.

Keep Foot Traffic in Mind

Because the family room is enjoyed by everyone – family members and friends alike – it naturally receives an abundance of foot traffic. This should be heavily weighed when deciding upon a flooring option. Choose something durable and easy to clean.

Wood floors make an excellent choice, and can easily be adorned with accent rugs to add style and keep floors protected.

Carpet is another great option. It adds casual warmth and comes in countless colors, fibers, patterns and price points to accommodate most budgets. Avoid choosing too light a color that will more easily show dirt, stains and wear and tear.

Choose Functional Furnishings, Designed for Hanging Out

Remember that your family room is meant to be a place to wind down, relax, and at times, be social. Choose furniture with this in mind. Sofas and chairs should be casual, and most importantly, comfortable. Consider adding additional throw pillows, blankets or ottomans that are a must for cozy movie nights by the fire.

Also, remember to arrange your furniture appropriately to promote conversation. An L-shaped design is a great option. Facing sofas with a coffee table in the center also works well. A large coffee table is useful for holding items such as reading material or even snacks and drinks. End tables are also functional, as they offer an added convenience for those sitting nearby.

Light It Up

Lighting options should be flexible and easily adapted to suit the occasion. Consider dimmer switches to set the desired mood. Incorporate task lighting throughout the space to encourage reading, whether it be the daily newspaper, novels or homework.

Personalize Your Accessories

Display items that are meaningful to each member of the family. Hang photos showcasing family vacations or holidays, and consider framing and displaying artwork that your children have proudly created. The family room is also a great place to display your favorite family heirlooms that remain near and dear to your heart, and will continue to be handed down generation after generation.

Store your favorite board games in an armoire or cabinet to promote fun, interactive family activities. The addition of a television (although best hidden when not in use) is great for family movie nights. Think of all the cozy euphoria your family can share in a space that suits everyone’s interests.

When crafting a cozy and functional family room for your home, carefully consider and then incorporate the needs and interests of each family member. Also, don’t forget the room’s primary functions. As you create a comfortable and personal space for everyone to enjoy, focus on that connectivity and represent the family unit in your design.


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