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Decorating the Modern-Day Laundry Room

December 27, 2013

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when it comes to decorating the modern-day laundry room, anything goesGone are the days when sterile white was an unspoken mainstay. In the modern laundry room, anything goes! From color selections to wall décor, go bold to show off individuality and personality. Cover the basics in terms of appliances, organization and functionality, and then let creativity rule to help build a workable space that’s also enjoyable to be in.

Cover the Basics

There are a few obvious features that should be included in every laundry room. A washer and dryer, ironing board and utility sink are obvious “musts.” Consider functional placement of these items to ensure ease of work. Washer and dryer units can be stacked or placed on pedestals for added under-unit storage when space is limited. Ironing boards can be built into or attached to the wall (only being lowered when in use) to again preserve valuable space. If possible, cabinetry and shelving should be included for storage of laundry soaps or additional cleaning supplies. Adequate counter space should also be considered to allow for folding clothes or sorting laundry, and closet space is handy for additional storage or air-drying delicates.

Building Off of Bold, Beautiful Color

Think of this room as your blank canvas to do with what you’d like. Classic laundry room color selections typically include clean, crisp whites or shades of pale blue. This color palette pairs perfectly with the feel and smell of warm, clean sheets and freshly folded towels.

Don’t be afraid to choose bold wall colors such as red, green, yellow and even pink to liven up your space and make it more playful and fun. Add throw rugs and accessorize with complimentary colors. Have a utility sink skirt designed with a color or pattern that pairs well to add more flair and conceal added storage space underneath. Consider covering an accent wall with a patterned wallpaper and add a jeweled chandelier to create a shabby chic look. If your home has an overall established theme such as Tuscan, rustic or maybe even Southwest, consider maintaining this consistency in your laundry room.

Miscellaneous Décor

In addition to the fun décor items already mentioned above, this is where you can add personality to your laundry room. Consider a custom-made patterned valence for a window to enhance the room’s theme while inviting an abundance of natural sunlight into your working space.

To create a rustic feel, consider adding vintage laundry accessories into your space, such as old washboards and irons or weathered metal buckets. Add vintage wall signage in wood or metal, and consider an old accordion wooden peg rack, which can be functional in addition to rustic.

Create a more contemporary feel with an appropriate light fixture and minimal wall décor. Keep your space tidy, clean and simple, adding only a classic vase with fresh flowers for a splash of color. Decorative wall tile such as subway tiles establish a more refined, modern environment.

A modern-day laundry room can include anything from classic framed prints that coincide with your chosen theme to wooden laundry signs or even wall decals and stencils. Block letters spelling “laundry” can also be fun and, depending upon space, can be either hung on a wall or sit on a shelf.

A Functional Space With Style

Bearing in mind that the laundry room serves a very specific purpose, there are still countless ways to maintain a very functional, organized workspace “with style.” It can be fun and easy to accessorize while being practical.

Instead of leaving exposed laundry soaps or fabric softeners on your counters or shelves, use decorative wire or wicker baskets to conceal them while adding some charm. Decorative jars, including apothecary or mason jars, make great storage for anything from laundry soaps and loose dryer sheets to clothespins. Creative labeling can be a neat way to add additional detail and personality.

Think creatively. Let your personality be your inspiration. Use the decorative tips mentioned above to design your own unique laundry room.

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