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Designing with Your Teen: Bedroom Décor

May 3, 2013

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Designing your teenager's bedroom can be a fun processIt’s time to put away the beloved character comforters and sheets – your little girl or boy is no longer a child. The switch from cartoon characters to a more mature bedroom décor can be a smooth experience for both parent and child.

When tweens enter the full-fledged teen years they yearn for independence. They want control and decision-making privileges. It might be scary to imagine teenagers choosing their own paint colors, furniture, and decorations, but with a strong design plan this process doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Get Inspired With a Design Board

Teen bedrooms can be mature but still have an element of fun. Their décor can reflect their interests in sports and hobbies in a stylish, organized way. Creating a design or inspiration board is the perfect way to find a happy medium between what parents want and what teenagers want. Choosing the perfect design elements will create a space that fosters confidence and self-expression while avoiding clutter.

The design board should include everything that will go into the bedroom. Not only should it have pictures of furniture and paint and fabric swatches, it should also include details like lighting fixtures and accessories. One to create the board is to cut out pictures from magazines and glue them to a paper poster board. Your teens can also search online for pictures that can be printed out and affixed to the board. Another option is to copy and paste pictures from websites like Pinterest and Tumblr to a blank document on your computer. Once the design board is made, parents and teens can go over it together to be sure both parties agree on the design plan.

Choosing Colors

Don’t be caught off guard if your teen chooses an outrageous color like bright pink or black. Bold, funky colors can be a fantastic outlet for their personalities. If you can’t deal with all the walls being drenched in an over-the-top color, use the wild color as an accent on a single wall, a border, or as a pattern throughout the room. Another option is to use a more subtle color for the walls and brighter or bolder fabrics and accessories throughout the room.

Bedroom Furniture

Beds, dressers, entertainment centers, desks, nightstands and bookcases are often part of a teen’s bedroom décor. If all of these pieces are too much for the size of the space, then consider picking dual-purpose furniture, like a workspace that includes shelving or an entertainment center that houses a television and has shelves for books and accessories. You may want to forego the dressers for under-bed drawers to keep clothing neatly stored. Installing a closet organization system is another way to store everything from clothes to shoes, bags, coats, and accessories.

One thing you don’t want to skimp on is shelf space. Shelves are great places to display books, but they are also perfect for displaying trophies, photo frames, and more. When purchasing basic furniture like the bed and nightstand, consider the future use of each piece. Will the furniture be staying long after your teen graduates from college, or will your child be using the furniture to fill a college dorm or first apartment? This will help you decide how much money to invest in the furniture as well as what style options are most appropriate.

Lighting and Accessories

Overhead lights and lamps come in every style imaginable. A simple overhead ceiling fan with lights can provide circulation and bright light when needed. Matching or coordinating small lamps are good for desk areas and nightstands. Dimmer options on all lights are practical features that will allow optimal lighting for any situation.

Framed wall art can give teen rooms a grown up appeal without going overboard. Buying art from a local artist or encouraging your teen to create their own art can make these accessories affordable. Words and geometric designs that adhere to the walls are fun ways to allow teens to express themselves without ruining wall paint.

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