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How to Decorate a Home Office

September 19, 2014

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Decorate your home office to match your needs and style, regardless of how much space you have to work withWhether you work from home or are simply interested in a dedicated space to manage the monthly bills, respond to emails, or work with your children on schoolwork, crafting an environment based on personal needs can be accomplished regardless of the space available. Create a home office with your specific design needs in mind.

Keep it Bright and Vivid

You need to be alert and attentive while in your home office. Consider a bright color scheme utilizing white as a backdrop and vivid shades of orange, pink or yellow that support energy and optimism.

If you have a demanding job, shades of blue, green or even purple may be a better option as they create a more calming environment.

Furnishings and Décor for Your Home Office

There are a few obvious needs when planning for a home office, with a desk and chair topping the list. Carefully select these items based on allotted space and your personal needs. If you work from home, you may require a larger desk to house items such as reference books, files, a printer, or fax machine. If you simply desire a space to respond to emails on your laptop, then a smaller desk should suit you just fine. Choose an ergonomically designed chair to promote better posture and efficiency if your home office is your sole place of work.

If you’re fortunate to be provided natural light and a view of the outdoors, position your desk to take advantage of this. Add adequate task lighting to create a comfortable workspace.

Keep your home office tidy and organized in order to maintain efficiency. Consider cabinetry or shelving, and add labeled baskets for increased organization.

Keeping décor to a minimum also helps maintain organization. Add items such as houseplants or a small water feature to encourage a sense of calmness and increased well-being. A few framed photos of your favorite loved ones also inspire a less stressful environment, and displaying some personal achievements or awards inspire a positive work attitude and sense of pride.

Be Creative With the Space You’ve Got

If square footage is at a premium and you aren’t afforded the benefit of dedicating an entire room to your home office, get creative. Utilize an oversized closet or carve out a nook in the corner of a room, adding built-ins or floating shelves. Space under stairways is often wasted. Consider utilizing this space, which is also out of the way of foot traffic.

Whatever your personal demands for a home office may be, regardless of square-footage restrictions, enjoy creating a custom home office space that suits your individual demands.

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