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How to Keep Your Front Entry Fun and Safe for Trick-or-Treaters

October 1, 2014

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Keep trick-or-treaters safe by following these simple safety tipsHalloween is an exciting, fun-filled day when kids can express their creative imaginations. They can enjoy a bit of make believe, some sugary treats and a few “safe scares.”

It’s the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure that trick-or-treaters are safe when approaching a home. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when preparing your home entry for the little ghosts and witches that will be visiting your house this Halloween.

Keep Your Entry Well Lit

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure that your entry is safe for trick-or-treaters is to keep the space very well lit. Use high wattage bulbs and make sure that the entire walk to your front door has adequate light. This will inevitably help avoid unnecessary trips or falls, as many of your visitors may have slightly altered vision due to unfamiliar and bulky masks or costumes.

Secure Pets Indoors

Even if you own the most mild tempered of animals, it’s best to keep them securely indoors on Halloween. Some children are scared of cats or dogs, and the sight of one loose could create chaos at your doorstep. A child may run and fall in fear, or a friendly dog that simply wants to say hello could knock a toddler over and injure them. It’s best to avoid these potential scenarios altogether. Keep your pets inside, and away from the front door, this Halloween.

Be Mindful of Tripping and Slipping Hazards

Do a thorough inspection of your sidewalks, walkways and front entry stoop for any loose stones or bricks, or even holes or dips in the concrete. Do your best to repair these deficiencies, or properly label them as hazardous, to ensure they are avoided by guests.

Make sure handrails are secure and any slippery surfaces, such as wet steps, are treated properly with slip-resistant treads or tapes to avoid unnecessary accidents. Also, confirm that any exterior rugs lie flat on the ground and are free of folds, lumps or bumps that could cause a trip.

Kids can be easily tempted; it’s best to consider any and all possible scenarios when it comes to ensuring their safety. Make sure garden hoses are rolled up and stored securely, and that bulky extension cords pose no tripping threats. Keep your outside furniture, lawn ornaments and Halloween décor clear from all lines of traffic and opening doors. Think about moving those carved jack-o’-lanterns, decorative hay bales and beautiful baskets of autumn mums off the steps and walkways, to further ensure safety. Be mindful of decorative elements that may startle or scare younger children, as they can cause quick, involuntary responses such as running or falling.  You can enjoy these elements throughout the season, but they’re best to be avoided when trick-or-treaters are visiting your home.

More Handy Tips for Safely Haunting Your Home

Avoid lighting any decorative objects with real fire. When illuminating your carved pumpkins or ornamental bags, be mindful of fire hazards. There are many safer options available including glow sticks, battery-operated rechargeable candles, or LED lights that come in several colors and even flicker and offer other fun special effects.

Avoid leaving unattended baskets of goodies on your front stoop and allowing trick-or-treaters to help themselves. Although your intentions may be good, there are some individuals out there who enjoy mischief, and you simply cannot risk the chance that your candy might become contaminated in any way.

Halloween, and trick-or-treating in particular, is an exciting tradition for everyone.  For both parents and homeowners, it is your obligation to ensure you are providing as safe a space as possible when young visitors come by to offer you a trick or a treat. By keeping these tips in mind, you can prevent any needless accidents and guarantee a fun and memorable experience for all ghouls and goblins that knock at your door.


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