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Interior Decorating Farmhouse Style

November 7, 2014

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Add the casual and charming feeling of a farmhouse to your homeFarmhouse décor offers a relaxed, casual and charming feel. It perfectly combines old and new elements for an eclectic look. A farmhouse interior is warm and inviting while also being practical.

Whether you’re a true country dweller or simply love the look and feel associated with its laid-back style, bring the charm of the farm to your home.

Design Elements

Natural design elements are heavily represented in farmhouse homes. Exposed and distressed beams and ceilings are common features along with crown moldings, wainscoting or other wall paneling.

Natural wood flooring is a must. Leave them plain or consider giving the floors or wood wall paneling a whitewashed or distressed look. Also, incorporate oversized windows where possible. Farmhouse homes tend to let natural light flood their interiors.

A Farmhouse Kitchen

A modern farmhouse kitchen remains warm and inviting yet practical. Choose between either clean or weathered whites for cabinetry and dishware. It’s also common to refurbish cabinets and choose colors such as buttery yellow or pale blue.

Butcher block countertops are also a farmhouse favorite, and an apron-front sink screams farmhouse kitchen. Consider incorporating some glass cabinetry to neatly showcase some of your antique favorites, and include open shelving to easily access essentials such as pots and pans or mason jars filled with flour or sugar. These elements will add charm while still remaining practical.

In open floor plans, a large wooden dining table enhances the inviting and classic qualities of farmhouse style. Stainless appliances and hardware in bronze or brushed nickel add subtle modern touches.


Consider browsing antique shops or flea markets for special pieces such as large iron bed frames, wardrobes, buffets, chests or hutches. Focus on blending eclectic items as opposed to purchasing furniture in sets. For example, an oversized wooden dining table is a must, but consider adding mismatched rustic chairs to enhance the casualness associated with farmhouse décor.

Living room furnishings should be welcoming and relaxed. Comfortable cotton sofas are often seen adorned with simple slipcovers, which again enhance a sense of informality. Accent with a reclaimed or reupholstered chair, chairs made from other natural fibers such as wicker, or even a classic wooden rocker dressed with a hand-stitched quilt.

Farmhouse Décor

When fine-tuning your farmhouse décor, remember to incorporate vintage pieces that were also utilitarian such as old milk jugs or wire egg baskets. Display antique china in refurbished, weathered hutches, and consider antique pitchers in lieu of a modern vase. Use clear or colored mason jars to store everyday essentials or display cut flowers or tea lights. Antique scales or canister sets can be charming additions to exposed shelving. Old wooden milk crates, wicker baskets, and galvanized metal buckets or watering cans add immediate rustic charm. Frame vintage photos in eclectic frames and add antique signs, mirrors, or clocks to walls.

Replicate farmhouse style in your home, and craft a relaxed environment that exudes incomparable charm.


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