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Use Color to Give Rooms a Larger Feel

February 21, 2014

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Using color through paint, flooring and home decor and help rooms feel biggerRegardless of the size of your home, it doesn’t have to “feel” small. Below are some tips for how to play with color to give your rooms a larger look. Have fun and take the challenge of creating a spacious feeling through paint, flooring and home décor.

Playing With Paint

There are many approaches to using paint to make a room appear larger, but one standard holds true: Choose light colors such as whites, neutrals or even pale pastels. The lighter your wall color, the more light reflection you will get (both natural and artificial), giving your space an airy and roomier feel. You’ll get the best effect from painting the entire room the same color. However, if you must add a splash of color, consider painting an accent wall a soft, pale hue. Keep your ceiling color white or a very light shade to further create the illusion of more space.

Flooring Options

To enhance that roomy feel, it’s best to also choose flooring options in light shades. Light stains of hardwood, tile or carpet will cooperate with your wall color to create a more dramatic, open feel. Lighter flooring generates even more light reflection for a bright, roomy atmosphere.

Furniture Selections

Maintain your color scheme when selecting furniture as well, doing your best to stick to one color. Choose minimal pieces that pair nicely with your wall and flooring selections. Select variations of similar hues while varying your textures. Solid colors or small prints are better choices for upholstery or throw rugs. Larger, busier patterns tend to make a small space look disorderly or even cluttered. Glass tables in your living or dining spaces are great options as they naturally establish a feel of a more open, unobstructed space.

Expanding the Look in the Kitchen

Again, stick to the monochromatic school of thought to enhance the visual space within your kitchen. Consider a cabinet color that matches your wall color, creating visual harmony while also inviting more light reflection into your space. Consider selecting countertops in lighter shades, and keep the clutter to a minimum. Adding additional lighting such as recessed cans or pendants will also aid in creating a brighter, roomier feel.

Glass cabinets or open shelving are alternative options that can create the illusion of a larger space. Keep them organized as clutter tends to counteract the goal of a roomy feel.

Other Tips to Consider

Adding mirrors is a fantastic way to aid in the dispersion of light throughout your home. They do a great job at adding depth to a space, which then gives that space a much larger feel.

Embrace any and all natural light. Keep window coverings to a minimum or use sheers, inviting as much sunlight into your space as possible. After all, this is probably the easiest and cheapest way to give your smaller space the immediate feel of having greater square footage.

Keeping your wall décor to a minimum, selecting one stand out piece as opposed to many smaller ones, tends to make a room feel larger. Consider a minimalistic approach to décor in general, and keep your spaces organized and tidy.

You’ll be amazed at the feeling of space you can create by keeping these simple, basic tips in mind when decorating your home.

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